One Fabulous Day

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Rebecca is a girl that works in a big company and that means she works a lot! After few incredible months of a lot of work, Rebecca today takes a day off, with intention to dedicate this day to herself. She has decided that she won't do anything else except to do things that will relax her and make her feel better about herself. Rebecca decided to visit the city mol that is located near her place. She likes to buy some new clothes, something that she hasn't done for a longer time. Also Rebecca likes to visit a hairdresser and makeup artist. She would like to treat herself as good as possible on this day, and that's why she doesn't save money for this occasion. Some people may do this often but for Rebecca this is one of her best days, lately. However, for this walk Rebecca could use some good company. It would be nice if she could get some help in her search for the right stuff, the right pieces that she needs and that will suit her best. In this game you have the task to help Rebecca find what she needs so she could feel free to let herself enjoy even more. This is one of her most beautiful days in a while so let's turn it into a special day!



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