Polar Fantasy

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What do we know about the North Pole? Many of us don’t know anything, except that it is very cold there. This unusual adventure, this amazing polar fantasy, will take us to this interesting place, so let’s see what is it about.
Lauren is in a really unusual situation, a situation that probably non of us has experienced before. She is in the north pole which is not that strange as the reason why is she here. Lauren has visited the north pole with a single aim to find the magical crystals that are hidden exactly there, in the frozen North Pole.
It will be very interesting for us to take part in this frozen adventure and see what is expecting us in the North Pole. Maybe it very cold there but it’s definitely something that we don’t see every day, right? Let’s accept this amazing adventure and search for those crystals together with Lauren. We will see new things but also we might learn something new, dealing with this extraordinary situation. Take your enthusiasm, and your warm coat, and let’s enjoy being in this frozen fairytale.



Hidden Objects Mystery