Hidden Memories

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Well now, we in the middle of a wonderful romantic story about two people who love each other very much and appreciate every special moment of their relationship. Namely, Laura and her husband today celebrate anniversary of their wedding. Every year of their marriage is a new chance to celebrate their love, even though they surely know how to celebrate love every day. However, on this day they look for a way to make the day special, spending it together and making something special and romantic Laura\'s husband has prepared a surprise for her. The surprise is in their property where Laura\'s husband has hidden few objects. It\'s not about some new gifts but objects that are valuable just for them. Every object has a big value for their marriage - wonderful memories about the amazing moments spent together. They are are more important for them then any other gift.Now let\'s see where are those objects hidden and help Laura find them. This search will be real enjoyment and calling back those memories will make them very happy.



Hidden Objects