Beautiful Beach

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Rebecca and Ryan have their favorite beach. It is relative what will other people say, but for them, it is the best beach in the whole wide world. This beach is not something spectacular, just a quiet and clean place, but so many wonderful memories connect them with this beach, so they use every chance to visit it again and again. This time, when Rebecca and Ryan decided that it is time to visit their favorite place, they found something unexpected. Namely, during this season, their favorite beach was discovered by other people who didn\'t care much about the place. Those people were using the beauty of the beach without taking care about how would they leave it. They left so many unnecessary things there, like garbage or some personal belongings. When Rebecca and Ryan saw the beach, it was so untidy, that they decided to clean it up right away. Not that they felt this beach was like their own place, but they were terrified when they saw what some unscrupulous people could do with this natural beauty.meta: Play the free online hidden object game Beautiful Beach.Hello, my name is Rebecca. My husband Ryan and I are at our favourite beach. It\'s the most beautiful beach in the world.keywords: beach,beautiful,Beautiful Beach Game,hidden object game,free hidden object game,online hidden object game,free online hidden object.



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