The Sleeping Beauty

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When we hear a story or read a book, there is a question that comes on our mind very often – Is this something that has rally happen or it is just a piece of someone’s imagination?! The contemporary writers insist on avoiding a comparison between their real life and their works which is completely ok, but still, when people sense some relation, they like to find out more.

This is the second part of the game named as Grimm's Fairy Trail. The main characters of this game explore the circumstances of the stories of the famous Grimm Brothers. Those fairytales are probably the most famous stories all around the world so Doris and Ralph like to find out everything related to those stories. This time they are on a new mission. They like to find out the truth hidden under the story of the Sleeping Beauty. They believe that they have found the beauty’s real castle and the house where she was hiding from the evil witch. Doris and Ralph always take a whole team of historians together with them, and they are in a search of objects that will help them reveal the truth.

Now it will be very nice if you could take part in this team of experts and work with them in finding the evidences. It would be a huge discovery if you find facts that could prove that this castle and house were the places where the Sleeping Beauty spent her time. Have fun!



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