Abandoned Warehouse

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One day in the life of the police and the detectives. A lot of excitement, a lot of rush, and many dangerous situations - that is the reality. But we have to say, all that pays because they are making our surroundings a better living place. The two detectives Janet and Nathan, together with police officer Virginia, arrive at the abandoned warehouse which is located at the exit of the city. They suspect that the group of criminals, who are currently on trial, have hidden the key evidence for their crime right here. The place is rather big, and there are so many places for searching around. This information might be true, but they will need some time to search the whole place, to find out if the pieces of evidence are here. Even though it is about real professionals, let\'s search around and see if we can help them reach their goals and finish their mission, by finding those pieces of evidence. That way they will bring justice, once again, and put those criminals where they belong - behind the bars. Let\'s start right away.



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