Artifact Heist

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Ports, especially those located in cities that are important commercial centers, are places through which countless huge ships, carrying different goods from different parts of the world, transit every day. In addition to the goods, these places also transit countless people who are somehow connected with the transportation of those goods, so these ports are one of the busiest places in general. Detectives Pamela and Anthony, together with their team, arrive at the cargo port where large quantities of items are transported every day. They are here because there is a suspicion that certain items stolen from the national museum are here somewhere, ready to sail away. Criminals use cargo ships to smuggle stolen goods, and since so many goods are transported every day, it is easy for them to conceal their loot. Today, this very port is the workplace for our detectives, so let\'s find out what happens in this busy port and help them in their mission.



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