Backyard Atelier

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There are numerous factors that take part when choosing a right profession. Theoretically the talents and the interests are the major factors that should decide what will person select for his profession. However, many times people decide to do something just because the labor market asks for that profession. Sometimes the other people’s opinion is so influential that makes us change our minds, or simply it is about money. Lot of times people choose to do something just because of the money. Sometimes people come back to their true call while sometimes it stays buried somewhere deep in their thoughts...

Judith for example has an extraordinary hobby. She uses this activity for relaxation in her leisure time. One week ago, she has retired and now she likes to dedicate completely on her hobby – painting. In her yard Judith has her own atelier and her biggest wish is to activate this atelier once again and spend more time there. This is something that makes her very happy so she hardly waits to prepare everything.

The atelier is almost equipped because many years ago Judith used to spend some more time there. Maybe it is not completely ready, but however, she won’t start from nothing. However, Judith needs some help from you, to make everything perfect. She needs few more things and she could finally dedicate to her hobby without any obstacle. This is something she was always dreaming about so the retirement is a perfect chance to achieve that. On the other hand, who knows, maybe her hobby will turn into her new profession.



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