Burned Trust

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We can\'t say for sure that it is righteous to blame the partner first when there is a robbery of a rich person. It may sound unfair, but the list of people in a relationship of interest is very long. We can notice these relationships everywhere around us. The subject of interest can be money, including other contacts, popularity, everything! The detectives, Edward and Cynthia, come to the house of a rich man named Jacob. Someone has robbed Jacob, and at the moment, it seems that his girlfriend Laura is the main suspect.We don\'t like to judge so soon. That\'s why we will leave the detectives to do their job. They will have to find enough pieces of evidence, and they can file charges against Laura. But to make the investigation even more objective, Edward and Cynthia will need some help from us. We will give one more aspect of what happened in Jacob\'s home, noticing things that the detectives didn\'t notice. Let\'s search together, and see what can we find at the place of the crime scene.



Hidden Objects