Clean and Seek

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So, the spring is here and everything is about new beginnings. As the flowers begin to flourish, and the whole nature gets a new dimension, we all start waiking up and preparing ourselves for the new season. For someone is a new hairstyle, for someone new clothes while for others making a general cleaning of the home marks the beginning of this season, everything that makes us feel refreshed. Lori is prepared for the big spring cleaning of her house. She decided to dedicate as much as needed time for this big clean up. She likes to take care of every spot in her home, but also she likes to look for all the things that seemed to be lost but are actually hidden somewhere in the house. This is a very demanding job but it is not something that she foes every day so she is prepared to do what it takes, to put the place in the right order. Let\'s make the cleaning easier by helping Lori in her in the process. Let\'s see if we can help her with finding those objects too.



Hidden Objects