Code of Deception

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Unfortunately, corrupt police officers are a regular occurrence. Even though their morals should be at the highest possible level, even among their ranks, some put personal interest before the common good, even ready to commit criminal acts. Detectives Angela and Nicholas are currently working on such a case. Namely, they, with their team, come to the northern police station in their city. There is a suspicion that here, in this station, there are corrupt police officers who, for a certain amount of money, present false information regarding many criminal cases. It is impossible to say which is worse - whether to give correct information or to make a mess by presenting false information which, if it reaches the police, can completely disrupt its work. The detectives are at their workplace, ready to begin their work. They are looking for evidence to prove that the claims are true, that these police officers are indeed selling false information. What is certain is that if it is proven that the police officers are working against the law. they must be held accountable for their actions.



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