Cursed Circus

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Carolyn has a more extraordinary life than most of us, that is for sure. This girl works in the circus named \"Grande\" and you may imagine how does her regular working day looks like. Training for many hours, surrounded by all kinds of acrobats, trained animals, clowns - that has to be very funny! But besides those regular things, in the circus started happening something even stranger. Some things happen there that suggest that this circus has been cursed; at least it seems like that... There have been few accidents in this circus the last few weeks but something was unusual about them. That\'s what makes Carolyn believe that someone has cursed the circus, so she decides to take the things into her hands. She likes to break the curse on her own, hoping that very soon everything will go back to normal in the circus. Let\'s see closer what is going on in the \"Grande\" circus. Maybe you could help Carolyn face those paranormal happenings and finally break the curse that has made this circus an unsafe place.



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