Dangerous Ghosts

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Lisa and Paul come to the village where Lisa\'s grandfather is from. Lisa had heard many stories and legends from her grandfather about the place where he was born. Namely, the people who lived there started moving out of the village. The reasons for that weren\'t economical or something similar. The villagers always lived well there, until strange things started happening. The grandfather talked about some evil spirits and dangerous ghosts who started visiting the village. They were the reason why people decided to move out of their homes. Lisa feels this village is like hers because she has grown up with her grandfather\'s stories. That\'s why she likes to help somehow. To do everything she can, to bring back the people who used to live there. She knows Paul, who has paranormal skills, and she invites him to help her deal with the dangerous ghosts who already act like hosts of the village. If you are brave enough, for this kind of action, you can try to help Lisa and Paul in their mission.



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