Dead Silence

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Romantic people always find a new creative way to celebrate love. Mark is one of those people who are really romantic and uses every chance to prepare something romantic for his girlfriend. He also loves to surprise her, taking her often to some unusual romantic places. This time, Mаrk has chosen the city that is host of the most romantic festival, the festival of light. He has invited his girlfriend to meet him there, and after that, they will enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the festival. His expectations are very big. Mark expects that this will be one of the best moments spent with his girlfriend. He hardly waits to meet her and spend some unforgettable moments together. But sometimes things don\'t end up as we expect, right? Mark goes to the house where his girlfriend was supposed to be, but soon he realizes there is no one in the house. It looks like something strange is happening there, and he likes to find out what has happened. Let\'s help Mark find out what is going on.



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