Discovering the Ancients

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Interest in history and our past comes naturally to the human race. We are here, in this time and place, but we know that everything did not start with us. Behind us, there is a whole tradition of customs, and countless events that made our environment, and humanity in general, to be what they are today. And by getting to know our overall past, we get to know ourselves better, and we can guess more easily what might await us in the future as a result of certain cause-and-effect relationships that circulate us.Rachel is an adventurer with an exceptional passion for the past. She likes to discover places that no one knows about, ancient civilizations that were forgotten in the present, or that no one knows ever existed at all. Rachel has accomplished countless missions and made a series of important discoveries, but this time she embarks on her life\'s mission, to find the lost city that was the capital of the lost Magril civilization. Rachel has been working on this project for several years, and she is more than sure that she knows the exact location of this ancient city.



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