Easter in the Garden

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Easter is a festival and a holiday that celebrates the revivification of Jesus from the dead. This act is noted in the New Testament as having happened on the third day of his burial, after his crucifixion by the Romans at Calvary c. 30 AD. Actually this is a very serious holiday, very event that has happen but the symbols that represent this day are very beautiful and people forget about the sacrifice and remember only the resurrection. Easter eggs and Easter bunnies are something that makes people, and especially children, very happy. The eggs were traditionally died red, as a symbol of Christ blood but today they are died in different colors and decorated on numerous ways. That\'s why children are the ones that wait for this holiday most, being impatient to get the most colorful eggs.Amy\'s grandfather and grandmother have turned this holiday into a special tradition. Besides the regular customs related to Easter, they organize an interesting game every year. It is a game of searching for Easter eggs that have been hidden somewhere in the yard of the grandparents house. This is Amy\'s favorite game since she was very small so she waits for this day the whole year and when it comes, she enjoys it very much.There are few days left until Easter. Amy is already in the house of her grandparents and impatiently waits for the great day and the interesting task – to find all the eggs hidden in the yard.



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