Echoes of Elegance

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Nathan and Victoria are the owners of the famous glass palace. It is a really beautiful palace, famous in the neighborhood where it is located, but also far beyond. This house is synonymous with elegance and amazing design, and its owners are truly happy to have the opportunity to live in a place like this. However, it is due to all the love and dedication with which they built the house, investing in every segment. But all that tranquility was spoiled by an unfortunate event. Namely, Nathan and Victoria noticed a few days ago that their personal items were disappearing in a strange way. They cannot explain how the objects disappear, so they called their friends for help. The friends are there not only to help them find the items, but also to help them find out what is going on in the house. Let\'s join Nathan, Victoria and their friends in the search and find the reason why the items from the glass palace are disappearing.



Hidden Objects