Enchanted shores

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Summer is just around the corner, and we\'re all starting to think about summer vacations and ways to spend them. For most of us, summer is synonymous with sandy beaches, along with lakes and seas, but the mountains are also a great option, given that they offer escape from the heat and a great opportunity for recreation.Today, our three main characters are three girls, Betty, Ashley and Carol. The three are best friends who love to travel. Their passion is the new places, not so popular and known to everyone, especially if those places are by a beautiful sea, with many beaches. Driven by their passion, the three friends today discover the beautiful little village on the south coast and are immediately enchanted by its beauty. Here, the coast is magical, immediately captivates with its natural beauty, so the girls can\'t wait to start exploring the beautiful place.Let\'s get involved in this coastal adventure and enjoy the beauties of the sea together with our characters.



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