False Truth

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Detective Alice and the police officer Abigail come to the small city in the south part of the country. They are here to investigate a very delicate case about a person who is unjustifiably sentenced to death. Alice and Abigail suspect that the authorities have sentenced this person to death without having enough pieces of evidence, and that is terrible, but who knows how this oversight happened. That\'s why they are here, to open the case once again and find something that will prove that this man is not guilty. And what is most delicate in this case? Of course, the fact that if a death sentence is committed, there is no turning back, no matter if the person was guilty or not. That\'s why detective Alice and police officer Abigail will need some help. With your help, they will be more efficient. You will be able to explore even more aspects of the case and find out why and where the authorities made a mistake.Let\'s visit this small city and find out what is going on there.



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