Family Together

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Most of us know what it means to have a grandmother, what role grandmothers play in our lives, and how much we love them. And probably from that love, but also from the years of experience they have behind them, comes the impression that everything grandmothers do, they do it in the best way. We are thinking of the delicious dishes prepared by our grandmothers that we remember for years. Ava is very fond of her grandmother Olivia, who is known for her exceptional cooking skills. Ava wishes to inherit her grandmother\'s legacy and learn all the delicious recipes that Grandma makes for Thanksgiving. Grandma Olivia is an old lady and can\'t do things like before, so she wants to pass on her culinary skills to someone too. On the Thanksgiving holiday, the whole family gathers at Olivia\'s house, and they all prepare the traditional dinner together. The whole family loves this day, when they get together and enjoy the wonderful table prepared by Grandma Olivia. But today is even more beautiful because everyone participates in the preparation. Let\'s learn some interesting recipes.



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