Fatal Makeover

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Beauty treatments have been popular among people since time immemorial because the desire to possess beauty is present in everyone, in one way or another. While someone tries harder to achieve spiritual beauty, someone else wants to achieve a perfect body or a perfect figure. And these beauty treatments can sometimes be very rigorous and even life-threatening. And although all people may be interested in these trends, some people are required by the profession to be perfect according to some standards. Here we mean the popular personalities who are constantly in the public eye.Detective Brian and his assistant Melissa are working on the case in which the mega popular hiker Amanda got severe burns on her face when she visited one of the most famous beauty salons in the city. She believes in this studio and decided on this move because she wanted to improve her appearance, but it seems that her work has gotten out of control. They arrive at the salon in order to find out what really happened.



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