Freshman Mysteries

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Student days are the best days of many people\'s lives. There\'s something special about entering the adult world, and you\'re still young enough not to take it too seriously. The urge to try new things for the first time is huge, and so is the strength to face all the challenges that arise every day. The three friends, Charlotte, Mark, and Amelia, are exactly in those years. The three of them enrolled in the same faculty, and today, they arrived at the student campus. They are here for the first time, and everything is new to them. They should start exploring the surroundings right away, and get to know better the place where they will spend their student days. They will be here for a long time and will return to this period many times in their lives. At the same time, this is also a period of adaptation for them, so the three friends face many challenges that need to be overcome. Let\'s take a tour of the campus together and see what awaits the three friends.



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