Friday Shopping

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While some people buy things only when it is necessary for them or when they really need something shopping is a favorite activity for many people. Some people find shopping to be a great way to relax and they follow every sale, waiting for their favorite products to get an available price.
Katherine and Jerry enjoy Friday sales in their favorite Mall. They like shopping and they like to buy more objects for a smaller amount of money. They have decided to spend a certain amount of money on shopping and Jerry had those moments in his pocket. But while they were walking around the Mall, Jerry has lost his money, so now they don't have money for their shopping.
Let's see what Katherine likes to buy, which objects she likes to buy and it will be nice if we could help Jerry find the money. We will take a tour through the Mall and see if we can find the money. It is not fair if he loses his money just like that. Let's give them a chance to enjoy their Friday sales by helping them in their search.



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