Friends and Family

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Birthdays are very beautiful and there is no person in the world that doesn't like celebrating them. Every new year brings new joy and happiness of being alive, but the birthday party is wonderful as well. No matter if it is a small one or a big and extravagant, marking that special day is always very nice.

And when it comes about anniversary birthdays, the parties are even more special, like in Tina's case who is turning 40 years today.Tina is in her apartment and she is very happy because in her home this evening will come her best friends and almost her whole family. They will be there to celebrate her 40th birthday. She enjoys most when she spends time with her close ones so this day would be one of her best days.

However, before everyone arrives, the space should be prepared for the party. Tina likes to make everything perfect because this birthday is special for her. However, since she has taken a big challenge, she would need some help from you so could you please help her make everything perfect for the special day? Tina would be rather thankful if you help her everything to be as perfect as she has imagined.



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