Fugitive Cabbie

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We all know that the most secure places in the world are the prisons. The most dangerous criminals are serving their sentences there, and that\'s why there are so many policemen and other members of security who work there and try to prevent some of the prisoners from escaping. However, sometimes even they can make a mistake, so the prisoners find a place to escape. Detective Charlie and policewoman Nancy work on the case of an escaped prisoner. There is still no evidence of any failure in the security of the prison, but there is certain evidence that someone helped the escape. Charlie and Nancy have information that the prisoner was helped by a taxi driver who took the vehicle in an unknown direction. For now, it is not known who that taxi driver was, but that is why the police are here. Charlie arrives at the taxi service where the escape vehicle is located and begins his investigation. He is here to collect evidence that will help him track down the taxi driver but also tracks down the escaped prisoner.



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