Future Earth

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When it comes to government projects, we are aware that it is something strictly confidential and must not be released to the public until a certain point. The reason for this is not that the government is hatching secret plots against us. This institution is hiding from the public because those projects can be stolen by someone and used for negative purposes, and even threaten someone\'s safety and health. Sometimes, even if some such data surfaces, government bodies react quickly and deny things, so it is not even worth checking whether it is true or not.Kimberly is on the threshold of a huge discovery. It is part of the secret government project in which the latest scientific achievement is currently being tested, and it is the time travel machine. Kimberly is protected to visit the country in the future and see how developed and advanced the country will be after hundreds of years.This will be an unforgettable journey for today\'s heroine, but also a great opportunity for us to discover what awaits our country after hundreds of years. And yes, this government project is one of those that should remain secret because someone can use it for bad purposes, right?



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