Game Set Mystery

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We are witnesses to a series of unpleasant events that happen on the sports fields. Although sport, by definition, should be an activity that nurtures the competitive spirit but only in a positive way, some people do all kinds of radical endeavors just to get the title. However, these endeavors may not be so common among the athletes, themselves, who still usually stick to some predetermined standards, but there are unscrupulous fans. The fact is that there are such passionate fans who forget about themselves and their own lives and devote themselves completely to their athlete - idol, sometimes even obsessively. We hear about physical attacks from such fans, violation of the security of the fields, and throwing various objects, all to harm the opponent of their favorite player. Sad.In today\'s game, we will meet Jayden, a world-famous tennis player. He is scheduled to play the final of the summer tournament today, but he suspects that his opponent wants to get the victory dishonestly. Chloe and Ella are Jayden\'s assistants, so he decides to hire them to check on everything before the finale.



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