Garden of Romance

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Mr. Donald is the new owner of the large mansion that has always been known for its beautiful gardens. Since before, these gardens have been beautifully cultivated, and they are one of the reasons why Donald chose this particular castle.Karen is the gardener in the castle. We can say that she is \"guilty\" for the appearance of the gardens and their constant maintenance. Today, Karen has a task to take a walk with Donald through the castle gardens and introduce him to the daily duties associated with these gardens. This seems simple, but for Karen, this walk is a real thrill. She has a crush on Donald, and this walk arouses many feelings in her. She looks forward to the two of them walking through these romantic gardens alone, but as always in these cases, she also feels a certain nervousness and wonders if there is a chance her feelings to be reciprocated.Let\'s stroll through the beautiful gardens surrounding Donald\'s new mansion and see if there is a chance for romance to develop from Karen and Donald\'s first walk together.



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