Haunted Challenge

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Sometimes strange things happen to all of us, sometimes so strange that we can\'t believe they are real. It is as if the dream mixes with reality and creates strange images and experiences. Like the case of young Dolores who suddenly found herself in a very unusual situation. Young Dolores did not expect that something like this could happen to her. Quite by chance, she stumbles upon an abandoned estate. Not knowing how to get out of this strange place, Dolores tried to look for the owners of the property, but very quickly she realized that no people are living there, and the property is full of ghosts! Yes, real ghosts trying to outsmart her. The ghosts won\'t let young Dolores leave the property unless she meets one condition. She has to answer all the riddles that the ghosts give her, and only then will she be able to leave the estate and move on. Let\'s see what\'s happening at the estate and help Dolores solve the puzzles so she can get out of there as soon as possible.



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