Hidden Heritage

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Many of us live in one place but have roots in another, sometimes on a different continent. Some of us fondly remember our origins, while others prefer to live in the here and now. Donna lives in America, but she is a girl of Italian origin. Despite living in another country, Donna never forgot her roots. She happily returns to life in Italy, never forgot her Italian roots, and wants to go there with all her heart. Today, Donna arrives in Italy for the first time, specifically in her grandmother\'s village. Donna is excited about this visit because she wants to know more about her family. Donna also likes to find family items that she believes are priceless treasures. Maybe, for someone else, these items won\'t be worth that much, but for her, every piece of information about her family and her family\'s past is priceless. Let\'s visit Donna\'s grandmother\'s village and see what\'s there. Whether this village will be interesting for us, who are not related to it, we will find out very soon, after our little walk through the streets of Italy.



Hidden Objects