Hollywood Mystery

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Detective Susan and policeman Daniel arrive at one of the many film sets in Hollywood. They are not trying themselves as actors, they are here doing their work. Today, there has been a terrible accident. One of the actors who was filming his last movie has been shot, and he is in a life-threatening situation right now. Supposedly, one of the weapons used for filming in the set had real bullets instead of false which are usually used on film sets. Film sets are supposed to be filmed in a safe environment, but what happened here was definitely not safe for anyone! Susan and Daniel, together with the other police and detectives, will try to find out who is responsible for the whole situation and who stands behind this incident. Let\'s visit the \"Land of dreams\" and find out what was happening there on the set. Let\'s work with the detectives and see if we can find the man who is responsible for the incident, the one who put those real bullets in the weapon.



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