House Spirits

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Some people believe that every house has its spirits that keep that house safe. Usually, they are quiet and friendly to the actual host of the house, and the hosts don\'t even notice them, but what if those spirits won\'t get accustomed to the new host? What if they are making him trouble all the time? Jason has problems in his own house. No, he is not fighting with his close ones; the problems come from someone who besieged his home. He can\'t find peace in his place because the place has been possessed by ghosts. Looking for a solution to this strange situation, Jason has called Amy and Laura for help. The two of them are known for their paranormal powers and the ability to deal with ghosts. They are here, in the house, to help Jason get rid of the spirits in the house. We don\'t know what steps will they take to expel the spirits from there, or maybe they will calm them down, so Jason can have a peaceful life in his house. Let\'s see how the professionals do their job and help Amy and Laura in their mission.



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