Land of Gods

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If we search for our origins, we will discover many things. Maybe we know the history of our closest relatives, but if we go further, we will see that our origins are related to places we have never seen before, sometimes even on the other side of the world. Laura has origins coming from the tribe of the Mayas. She lives in a village, near the temple of the gods, and now she is with Gary, an adventurist who likes to learn something more about the Mayas. He, together with his friends, decided to explore this temple and find out what is hiding there. This temple is also known as the \"Land of Gods\" because it is ample territory with many monuments and buildings that witness the Gods appreciated by the Mayan civilization. All of them like to learn something more about the Gods, as part of the polytheistic cultures that found ways to personify forces, feelings, and stars in different gods, some of whom are adored to this day. You may notice that this will be a very interesting journey, so let\'s start this mission together and learn new things.



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