Little Prairie Farm

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The transition from one season to another is difficult for everyone. Our bodies were accustomed to one temperature and weather conditions, our habits adapted to those conditions, and when another season comes, we have to adapt to it. The same thing happens with nature and all the plants and animals in it. And it is similar with farms where people take care of their own plants and animals. The inhabitants of the farm and the farm itself must adapt to the new season, only in this case, there are the owners of the farm and the people who work on that farm who should enable this transition to take place smoothly. Joan is the owner of a small farm in the prairie. She takes care of the farm alone and wants everything to be in order. She succeeds because she works very hard and with a lot of love. However, as one season transitions to another, Joanne needs help to adapt the farm for the new season. Let\'s help Joan with the chores on the farm, to make sure that everything will be just fine this year as well.



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