Midnight Puzzle

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Knowing your own origin is a very interesting thing. Not that we should live in the past and be tied to something we inherit. Simply, knowing things about our ancestors opens up a whole series of interesting things for us - places where our ancestors lived, a series of different relatives, customs, and even belongings and acquired objects. The young girl Chang arrived in the village where her family came from. She does not live there, but she is always happy to return to her roots. Every year the Festival of Light is held in this place. This day is a big holiday for everyone and is always properly celebrated in her village, with a suitable program. But there is one more thing that Cheng particularly enjoys, and that is her grandfather\'s puzzles. She solves these puzzles with particular pleasure and this is a plus reason why she loves coming to this village so much. Let\'s visit Cheng\'s village and see what\'s going on there.



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