Monaco Nights

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This fast way of living doesn't leave us too much time for friendships. Unfortunately, the social networks are this new alternative to share our opinions when we don't have enough time to spend with our friends but that is something completely different. The online communication excludes the fluid that is present when two people talk in live. Often we can't understand each other correctly so there are many misunderstandings, not to mention the emotions. Sharing emotions has nothing to do with internet and those networks, no matter if their name is 'social' networks.

The situation is same for Monica and her friends who are at this moment together in Monaco. They are very happy because they have a chance to enjoy the beauties of this fashionable place. Since Monica is not often with her friends, because of her and their everyday responsibilities, they are very happy when they finally meet.

This night Monica will meet her friends and they will spend the night in a casino. Actually it is one of the most famous casinos in Monaco which means that it would be really fun, a special way to spend a girls night out. It is not about ambling or winning a lot of money but it is more about having a great fun and enjoying some time together, especially because they don't meet that often as before.



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