Murder in the Alley

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An unfortunate event shook the residents of that part of the city. Namely, Mr. Edward\'s body was found in one of the alleys. Edward was returning home walking, after a meeting he had with his clients in one of the local bars in this part of town, but it all ended tragically - he was killed. Detectives Larry and Pamela, together with police officer Patrick, are tasked with discovering the murder of Mr. Edward. They are already searching the alley where Edward\'s body was found. The investigation will probably continue in the surrounding area, perhaps in the bar where he was last seen. It remains to be checked out who he was there with. Could it be that one of his clients had a motive to kill him? All available evidence must be checked, and all traces left by the killer must be searched so that some kind of conclusion can be reached.Let\'s get involved in the investigation of the murder of Mr. Edvard. We are working with real professionals, and we hope to help solve this unfortunate event.



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