Mysterious Experience

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The married couple Daniel and Carol, after one fun night with their friends, came home and noticed that something is not right in their home. When they had fun with their friends, they couldn\'t even imagine that something unusual happens in their place. When they came home, the door was open, the objects all through the house were not in their places, and there were some strange unknown traces of boots, all around the apartment. This is too much! Daniel and Carol are wondering what happened, so they called their friends, to come to their place. They will feel more secure if they explore the place together, so they can find out what happened in their house. Let\'s explore the house where Daniel and Carol live, together with them and their friends, and try to find out what has happened there during the night. This situation might ask for help from the police too, but first of all, let\'s see what is going on. Our detective skills will come out in this game, so don\'t waste your time, let\'s start exploring right away.



Hidden Objects