Night Market

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Oh, sometimes the police themselves can be surprised by the creativity of the criminals, of course, not in a positive way because they use their creativity for bad purposes. But when a criminal decides to cover up his crime, he is willing to hide in a mouse hole, just to avoid being caught. However, real professionals are ready to anticipate even the unpredictable, which is why criminals often end up behind bars. Detective Ryan and police officer Emma are on a new assignment. They come to the market because they suspect that there is a suspicious stall where criminals hide the evidence related to their crimes. They think that it is so, but for them, the search and the evidence are most important to find, to be able to put the criminals in prison. Let\'s see what\'s happening in the night market. Let\'s investigate the whole place together with Ryan and Emma and find all the evidence that will confirm their suspicions. The investigation can start as soon as possible.



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