Paranormal Ruins

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Nobody loves abandoned places, even though sometimes they can seem romantic or adventurous to someone. Visiting abandoned places is not something that many people do, but sometimes when the abandoned place belongs to you, you have to check out what is going on there, no matter what... Something strange happened at Ruth and Adam\'s father\'s factory. Those two think that now is the right time to shed light on their work and find out who it is or those who forced the factory workers to leave there and do not want to come back. Ruth and her brother Adam arrive at their father Jack\'s factory, which has been abandoned for several years and no one wants to enter it. It is like that because it is believed that the factory is a home for many ghosts. Ruth and Adam call in some paranormal experts and begin their mission to chase the ghosts from their father\'s factory. Let\'s help them to complete their mission.



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