Payback and Revenge

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Every day is a new.challenge in the lives of the police. And not like the challenges that face the people who are working in the offices, but a challenge that asks investing more energy, and also puts them in numerous dangerous situations. There is no such a thing like routine in police work because every day is about a new crime, or a new aspect of a crime and new criminals.The two detectives, Susan and Donald, together with the police officer Karen, come in one of the hotels in their city. They are working on their last case. A few hours ago, a group of people with masks came in the hotel and started demolishing. The owner of the hotel is very scared about the whole situation and he hopes that the police will take care of it as soon as possible.Let\'s see what is going on. What is the reason why the owner of the hotel is so scared? Can we do something to help the police in the investigation? Let\'s search the hotel, and see if we can find something that will help in the investigation.



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