Place to remember

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Susan's grandmother and grandfather concluded that it is time to move into another home. They have been living in the same house almost their whole life, but they have decided that it is time to move on and go for something different.
Susan loves her grandparents and she always helps them, whatever they do. This time she has come to their old home, to help them move out of the house. The grandmother and the grandfather are watching the house for the last time, and they recall some old memories that relate them to that place. There were so many beautiful moments spent there and they still love the house, but everything changes, right? After so many years spent there, they surely need a change.
Now Susan. together with her grandmother and grandfather, have a task to find and collect all the objects that meant something to them. Those objects are very important for the grandparents because they will be a reminder of this place. Let's how can we help them and what can we find in the old house.



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