Playful Paws

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All children want to have a pet. However, when you ask them, most of them will say they want a dog or a cat. And yes, dogs and cats are beautiful animals, but children are often not aware that pets need a lot of care. Practically, pets are like people or rather like children. Someone needs to feed them, walk them regularly, and take care of their hygiene, while the most important thing for children is to play with them.For a long time, Mark wanted his parents to buy him a puppy. After he was old enough to take care of a pet, his parents decided they could take this step. Mark is overjoyed because his parents finally fulfilled his dream and bought him a house for the new year. Now Mark has to be responsible and take care of his girlfriend, but his dog is mischievous and likes to throw objects from the house down the yard. A dog is not a child, so it does not know how to take care of its affairs. Mark needs to look for the items every day, and it would be nice to have some help with that.



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