Pyramid Puzzle

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In the ancient past, people believed in multiple Gods. The inability to explain all the natural phenomena and other happenings around them, people often put God\'s name as an explanation for what is happening. In this case, we are moving back to the time of ancient Egypt. It is the time of the great pharaohs who were sometimes treated as demigods or associated with the Gods, in some way. Ganna is Queen Cleopatra\'s assistant, and she is tasked with uncovering the secret of the great pharaoh and his connection to the sun god Ra. Some secret objects and papyri are locked in several chambers of the famous pyramid, and Ganna must find a way to enter those chambers. You can imagine what a serious matter this is and how all this would affect things in the Kingdom of Egypt. Let\'s become a part of this investigation and help Ganna shed light on things by finding the necessary items. Her mission is very serious, but her bond with the queen is very strong, and she must do everything for her mistress.



Hidden Objects