Resort Mysteries

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Summer vacation is the best time of the year for many of us. However, even summer vacation can sometimes turn into a real horror, and by this, we don\'t mean terrible weather... Larry has been working as a private detective for years, and his latest case takes him to a famous tropical island with a beautiful resort. The resort offers a lot of comfort and fun, and it\'s a real pleasure to stay there, but not for this couple. Namely, two days ago, a girl who was here on summer vacation with her boyfriend disappeared on this island, and that\'s why Larry is called. He needs to find out what happened on the island and where the girl is now. Detective Larry is a good detective, but everyone needs a different perspective sometimes, and so does a detective. Let\'s look for clues and search together, looking for an answer to the question of what happened to this girl. Has she been kidnapped, has she disappeared on purpose, or is the boyfriend behind all of this? We will find out very soon.



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