Riddles and Relics

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You might be wondering how a king can come from a village, but yes, there is such a thing, at least in our game. Well, Catherine is one of the king\'s chief assistants. She is a trusted person for him, and that is why he sends her to his home village, with а task of finding some of his personal belongings. After finding the items, she has to take them back to the kingdom. The king is sure that these items will be brought where they need to go without the slightest concern that his maid might betray him.However, this is not such an easy task. The responsibility that Catherine has is great because it involves the transfer of royal objects. Her dedication is also great, but still, she wants to be cautious in what she does. For everything to turn out as it should, let\'s help Catherine complete her task and continue to remain the king\'s main assistant.



Hidden Objects