River of myths

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The main character of today\'s game is Tyler, an avid fisherman, and his girlfriend Diane, who may not like fishing that much but loves to explore the rivers across America and examine unknown, never-before-seen landscapes. You can imagine what their daily life looks like - they use every free moment to travel somewhere and visit some unexplored location, which in any case involves water! Today, Tyler arrived at the river that should be the home to one of the world\'s rarest fish. It is so rare that sometimes people wonder if it exists or if everything they hear about it is a myth. That fish has supposedly been seen in the river several times but never caught. These myths have influenced Tyler and his girlfriend Diane so much that they decided to visit this place to investigate what hides in the mysterious river of myths. They hope that it is they who will manage to catch the strange fish, and it will not be a miracle if this happens if we take into account their desire and all the passion with which they indulge in each subsequent challenge.



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