School Crime

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Bulling between teenagers can become a very serious thing. Rather often, it exceeds the limits of regular joking and turns into something more serious, something that endangers the mental and physical health of children. Detective Alice has a new task in front of her. She arrives at one of the high schools in her city. She finds out that a group of students has been molesting other students. The bullies were very cruel. They were blackmailing other students, making them do all kinds of dangerous things. Only that way the bullies would stop making fun of them. And the bullies\' orders were not naïve. They made those poor students do such dangerous things that part of them finished in hospital. Detective Alice needs to find a solution to this complicated situation. Those bullies need to be punished, but they are still minors and she has to be very careful. Also, Alice needs to find enough evidence so she can take any action. Let\'s see what is going on in these schools and help Alice solve the terrible situations.



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