Secrets in the Rust

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Although they are only supposed to be the media, someone who conveys and shares the story to the people, very often they can find themselves in serious trouble. Namely, sometimes it happens that journalists come across information that maybe even the police themselves don\'t know, so they publish something that will directly affect those who did that thing. Detectives Andrew and Dorothy work on the case related to the disappearance of the famous journalist Scott. Namely, Scott is working on uncovering the secret route used by the gold miners and passes through the abandoned factory owned by the millionaire Patrick. Countless questions are asked here, the answers to which must be found to solve the case, including the question of whether the millionaire is somehow related to gold sales. Scott may have come to some knowledge that should not be made public, and that\'s why his disappearance is so questionable. Let\'s try to discover what exactly happened in the abandoned factory and help the detectives find out what happened to the journalist Scott.



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