Shopping Challenge

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Maria and Peter, together with their friends, were looking for a way to spend the weekend. They thought for a while and together with their friends decided to spend a few days in Maria\'s mountain house. But before they get to their final point, some things need to be done, they need to get ready for the trip and their stay there. Besides preparing the suitcases, the friends need to do some other things as well. They should get all the necessary groceries from the supermarket. In the place where Maria\'s kitchen is located, the nearest store is an hour\'s drive away. That is a big problem because the weather conditions are not so good, the house is positioned on a mountain and each of them wants to spend as much time as possible resting, not driving. And that was the point of their actual stay in the house right, taking some rest. Since they are all in a big hurry, let\'s help them find all the necessary products in the supermarket. Let\'s search through the place and see if you can find everything from the list.



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